Vacancy notice for SCD Project Coordinator

18 өдөр 8 цагийн өмнө



Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Mongolia (NLM-M) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Christian Organization, now implementing two development projects in Mongolia; Strengthening Primary Health Care and Strengthening Children’s Rights Project. Main funding for both projects are from the Norwegian Government (NORAD).

From 1st of January 2018 NLM-M will start a pre-project; “Strengthening Children with Disabilities’ Development” (SCD). This will also be mainly funded by the Norwegian Government (NORAD). This pre-project is a planning project in 2018-2019, and will, if possible, continue as a long-term project for 5 years from 2020. The project’s main goal is that children with disabilities and their families’ life condition is improved and their rights are respected and protected.

NLM-M’s “Strengthening Children with Disabilities’ Development” (SCD) pre-project is seeking to recruit a new project coordinator, starting from 1stJanuary 2018. He/she will be based in Ulaanbaatar, but will do regularly trips to Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd.



Key responsibilities of this assignment will include:

  • Plan and implement advocacy and awareness raising activities on local, provincial and national level
  • Develop Public Service Announcements regarding the rights for children with disabilities
  • Coordinate the project’s work in Ulaanbaatar and take part in planning of the long-term project

·        Establish and build relationship with other agencies working in the same field as the SCD project, especially within advocacy and awareness raising activities

  • Conduct trainings together with other project staff


Qualifications and skills required:

·        Completed higher education in the field of social work, health or education

·        Preferably higher education in the field of Public Communication/Marketing

·        Preferably higher education or training within administration and management

·        Work experience within project work and awareness raising/public communication/advocacy

·        Preferably experience within development of and conducting of trainings, international development work and/or social work, health or education

·        Excellent English, both written and orally

·        Good computer and communication skills

·        Knowledge about children’s situation in Mongolia, National Laws and Programs concerning children

  • Willingness to work according to NLM-M’s mission statement, values and standards of moral and ethics and a healthy behavior
  • Good ethics and moral, show honesty and personal integrity in all matters
  • Good skills within teamwork


If you possess the qualifications above, please submit the filled application form with CV and two reference letters from previous employers in English in a sealed envelope no later than 23thof October 2017. Only those short listed will be contacted.

For further information please contact Chantsalsuren by phone 976-70002300 or via emailnlmub@nlm.mn. Application forms are obtained from http://www.nlm.mn/index.php?module=menu&cmd=content&menu_id=105. Applications are to be sent by postage to NLM-M, postbox 707, Ulaanbaatar 13 or to nlmub@nlm.mn
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